Hello! This is my commission info. Please read below for details!

Full Body CG painting: $50

Mid-length: $30

Bust: $20

Cel Shaded Drawing

Full body:$30

Mid-length: $20

Bust: $10

Limited colour palette cel shaded drawing: $20

Marker drawing.

Fullbody: $60

Mid-length: $45

Bust: $30

Sketches: $15

Coloured sketch: $20

Guidelines/Extra info:

  • The marker drawings are more expensive, due to the markers themselves being expensive.
  • NSFW is fine, however I will not draw hate-art, or things I consider offensive.
  • I am fine with drawing animals, anthros etc.
  • Prices above are in USD.
  • Please message me, or email me at zoecroberts93@gmail.com.
  • PLEASE give me clear references.


December 13, 2013
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